Thursday, January 29, 2015

Project Firestarter (Malifaux) Part 2 : Progress

Coming at you...
From behind

Just a quick update on the Firestarter proxy figure for my Malifaux crew.
I'm quite chuffed with how the fire effects are coming along. less pleased with the Bone and flesh portions, but then the bulk of the time I've sunk into the paintjob thus far has been on the flames, so I shouldn't complain yet.

The Bone coloring on the face makes him look like the Hybrid Xenomorph from Alien Ressurection...

It's much easier being Green. (Warmachine)

 Repainting Retribution of Scyrah

After an ill-fated attempt at a blue-grey color along the lines of a darker "Space Wolves" style scheme with some lava accents for my Scyrah army, I have decided to instead turn to my strengths and jump back over to the Green section of my paintbox.

Blue Scheme... yawn

Behold, my poorly organized paintbox...

We join the action in progress with several models in various stages of WIP-itude.

50 points of Scyrah.
Back, L-R :
Manticore, Banshee, Manticore.  

Middle, L-R: 
2x mage hunter assassins, Gorgon, Artificer.  

Front L-R:
Ghost Sniper, Dawn Lord Vyros. 

Right hand side,
Dawnguard Invictors.

Green Gorgon, 90% complete
Manticore, forearms are done.
 I quite like the combination of green and orange. I have no deep and elegant explanation of color theory to back this up with other than, to my mind at least, the two both use shades of yellow to highlight which helps to tie the two very different colors together on common ground. I'm also utilizing fairly heavy blacklining to separate the all the plates and panels. The technique itself isn't always the best option but I feel that the Retributions models wear it quite well.

The Retribution have access to a number of Stealth units which I feel the need to differentiate visually, if for no other reason than it reminds me they have access to additional gameplay shenanigans. The predominantly Purple scheme for these units stands apart from the Green of the main army nicely and fits thematically with their stealth abilities.

Front of Finished Assassin
Back of Finished Assassin.

I'm currently undecided on whether I will attempt to keep the Myrmidons hulls clean or if I will add battle damage and weathering. For the time being I"m going to simply try and finish the basic paint scheme and then worry about additional detail...


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