Monday, November 9, 2015

Fallout Shelter : notes

I've sunk a lot of time into Fallout Shelter, more so than I'm entirely happy or proud to admit. While it is an excellent little time sink that has capably dulled the painful wait for Fallout 4 to usurp my life, I have forumulated a few small tweaks that I think would improve the overall experience.


Training room priority

The exising arrangement where the Dweller with the lowest skill stat for a particular room will vacate for a newly assigned Dweller works excellently, allowing you to optimize the output of production rooms and bringing down the chance of failure when you rush a room for it's sweet sweet resources. Unfortunately, the same thing occurs in your training rooms. meaning that if one is at capacity and you assign a new dweller, the occupant with the lowest score is going to vacate, which to me, undermines the point of them being in the training room to begin with. Reversing this for training rooms would be super handy, allowing the least skilled Dweller to continue levelling up said skills.


I've spent a ludicrous amount of Caps destroying perfectly good (and usually fully upgraded) rooms and rebuilding them in order to optimise my layout. This is to gloss over the Great October Cull  in order to be able to demo and relocate the Barracks. It's frustrating and raises a number of ethical questions I'm not at all qualified to pass judgement on. I'd like to see the ability to remodel my vault added at some point. Charge the same as the construction cost for the room and let me move the darn thing. 

Bulk sell / Warehouse functionality

You can assign Dwellers here
but what do they do?
If I were to tally up my time in game, I'm absolutely certain an observable percentage thereof will consist of selling of entire warehouses full of low level weapons and outfits. Give me a bulk sale option or better yet, make those warehouses a useful place to send my ancillary Dwellers and have them sort the vault inventory by selling off low level gear automatically.

Gender specific outfits.

I don't intend to get into a big discussion about gender specificity and all the fun and interesting debate that goes on when people try and sort out that can of worms, but what I will say is, there appears to be ( in my time with the game at least ) a skew towards higher prevalence of Male specific outfits than female. Whether my vault has shonky luck ( something I'm convinced exists, because my current vault has an inexplicable tendancy to get crappy cards in it's lunchboxes...) or there IS an actual imbalance in the allocation of Gender specific outfits, I cannot definitively say.

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