Sunday, July 27, 2014

Project Firestarter (Malifaux) : Part 1.

After playing a few games with mixed success using the Firestarter (proxied using a Fire Gamin) I've decided to move on from the stopgap proxy and get a dedicated figure for the character. As yet, no official figure from Wyrd exists so I went and picked up the 'Ignis, Fire Demon' figure from Anima tactics.

Ignis comes as a blister in 6 metal pieces with a 40mm base, which I've swapped out for an orange 30mm, as the firestarter character is a 30mm base model. The pieces are rather fine and quite detailed making pinning a risky, and in my estimation unnecessary venture. Here are a few of his parts held together with equal parts Cyanoacrylate and Hope.

Phone camera, with added blur!
The figures legs, hips and spine come as a single piece (3rd from right) onto which the tail piece (2nd from right) attaches as seen below.
Tail attached to legs.
Front. Primed.
Back. Primed.

The Torso piece includes the chest, right arm and hand and the hand less left arm. the left hand is a giant claw that is vastly out of proportion to the right hand, which is likely an intentional design but it bugged me, just on a logical basis when everything else is symmetrical, the hands should be too. Two rather large pieces of sculpted flame attach to the torso above the shoulders and make up for about a third or more of the figures total height. I let the glue set overnight and primed him using a white brush on Gesso primer.

He's quite a tall figure so I'm definitely going to need to add some mass into the back portion of his base to ensure stability on the tabletop.
After priming I added a smokey ink wash to pick the highlights but it ended up looking like the hybrid Xenomorph from Aliens Resurrection so I went ahead and base coated him with a Citadel Foundation 'Mechrite red' more or less rendering the preshade pointless. I'm smart like that.

I'm going to attempt to get a red snakeskin finish on his flesh, not to the extent of having scales or anything insane like that. I'm going to try and get it to be a marbled red and black.

We'll see how that goes in part two, where I'll also start picking out the details in the figure; fangs, claws and other bony portions as well as getting a start on the flames.
Drop a comment below and leave any hints or useful links that could help out, cheers.

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