Sunday, July 27, 2014

HALO metallic series drop pod figure (Red) : Quick look

Acquired for $5.50 AUD at a local chain store, this fairly barebones minifig comes with the  advantage of not being a blind bag, instead he comes in a funky drop pod case which is cool, but has some issues that I'll get into later.

Once assembled his limbs go this far out laterally ( centre ), and bend at the knee and elbow like so ( right). The pieces take a bit of effort to plug together but once assembled he's not likely to fall apart unprovoked. Nothing new here as far as how the figure works.

Bumpy ride...
Points lost for the dismount...
The one main thought I had about this guy was that they've gone to the effort of manufacturing a hard plastic drop pod thing, and they've failed to take the half a minutes worth of thought it would have taken to figure out how to make a step, or a peg or something to anchor the figure on it's baseblock inside the drop pod. I don't imagine they're aiming at the fanatical collector market with these guys but, you've already  done half the work, do the other half. He wil physically fit in there but if you do the unthinkable and want to display your minifigure in the cool drop pod they give you with it you end up with the pic in the right... c'mon guys.

The Metallic series ODST drop pod guys come in a quartet of colors and likely available in any good toy store near you.

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  1. A friend bought me the Gauss Warthog set for my birthday (assembly pending). Mega Bloks have a curious dynamic; more 'realistic' than Lego, they seem to have a few issues that stop them from fulfilling the 'more realistic Lego' niche that is juat waiting to be filled.


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